2015 Fall Update

CoverIt’s been a busy and successful year for NC Go!, with changes to our organization, new transportation money, and new leadership on our board.

New Funding
Of greatest importance is our advocacy: thanks to the efforts of NC Go!, our advocates and partnering organizations more than $700 Million in new, recurring transportation funding was included in the 2015-16 budget. And, thanks to Senate Bill 20, the Motor Fuels Tax formula has been changed and will result in $450 Million in funding for transportation over the next two years.

We’re a 501(c)4 now!
In late September we received approval from the IRS of our application as an exempt organization. While this doesn’t make our members’ dues tax deductible, it formalizes NC Go! which to date has been an ad-hoc coalition of transportation advocates. Prior to the IRS decision, NC Go! had transitioned our “Executive Committee” leadership to an official board of directors, presided over by chair Marc Finlayson of the NC Highway 17 Association.

New Directors Elected
In late October at our first “official” Annual Meeting, the board nominated and elected five new directors of three-year terms. The new directors are:

Click HERE to see our entire board of directors

What’s Next?
At the state level, there is plenty of money still on the table – and we’re nowhere near filling the $60 BILLION gap that’s estimated between revenue and anticipated needs by 2040.

The somewhat easy items – ending the transfer and raising DMV fees – are in the 2015/16 budget.  The more difficult items such as increased interstate tolling, increased Highway Use Tax, an insurance surcharge, higher weight-based fees for commercial vehicles, and some sort of mileage-based fee system have all been opposed by different business and trade groups. Several of these items were in early legislative proposals this year, but were stripped out.

NC Go! has been a long-time advocate for these measures and more – and we remain the only statewide voice willing to fight for these extra funding measures. If we want a transportation system that’s safe, creates jobs and keeps our state competitive – we cannot settle for a modest increase in funding.

With this session’s funding win, NC Go! will likely be one of the few voices continuing to discuss transportation funding, new revenue solutions and long term needs in the coming years. We hope you will continue to advocate for sustainable investment at the state and federal levels, and join in supporting the important work of NC Go!

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