September 25, 2012

About Us

The Voice of Transportation

NC Go! is the single best resource in the state on transportation issues. Its diverse membership — including local and regional transit systems, construction and engineering firms and their industry associations, as well as city and county government entities and more — uniquely suits it to comprehensively address the many facets of transportation policy.

The NC Go! Mission: To support efforts to improve transportation funding and improve the state’s transportation infrastructure.

NC Go! began in 2000 when a number of like-minded businesses and organizations came together in support of improving North Carolina’s transportation future. Concerned about the persistent under-funding of critical highway, bridge and public transportation projects – in light our state’s projected population growth – NC Go! was formed to give a voice to transportation advocates.

In the years since, NC Go! has grown to nearly 100 members and over 600 advocates who are passionate about making North Carolina the Good Roads State once again. NC Go! was a active participant in securing tolling in North Carolina, giving counties the flexibility of local-option funding for congestion relief projects, ending the transfer of transportation funds to NC’s General Fund and protecting the gas tax – our state’s primary source of transportation revenue.