April 15, 2014

Become an Advocate

Help Shape North Carolina’s Transportation Future

Be an advocate for change. Join the NC Go! advocacy network.

Today’s the day to get involved, speak your mind and encourage others to support the NC Go! mission. You can make a difference in our state’s transportation system. You can help improve road safety, increase public transportation options, build efficient transportation solutions that attract businesses – and help reduce traffic congestion in the process.

Join the NC Go! advocacy network and get all the tools you need to communicate with elected officials on important issues, as well as transportation news and updates. It’s free, registering only takes a minute, and you’ll be part of a growing coalition working to improve transportation in North Carolina.


Sign up to be an NC Go! advocate and you’ll get:

  • Access to our online advocacy system that connects you to elected officials, provides information and sample messages, and a fast and easy way to make your voice heard in Raleigh and Washington, DC in just a few clicks
  • Weekly state and national transportation news clips
  • NC Go! reports and white papers