December 11, 2014

Legislative Outreach

Please join us in contacting key legislators regarding the need for increased transportation funding.

NC Go! has joined the Coalition for a Prosperous Future, a group of business leaders from around the state to urge the Legislature to address the approaching crisis for transportation infrastructure funding. In advance of the 2015 legislative session, we are asking our NC Go! advocates and members to contact key legislators and encourage them to find new revenue options.

Please take a moment to send messages to your members of the House and Senate Transportation Committees. Using our online advocacy system you can send all your letters at once via email. If your representative or senator does not serve on one of these committees, you still will be able to send messages to the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee chairs/co-chairs: Sen. Kathy Harrington; Rep. Frank Iler; and, Rep. John Torbett. And all other messages will copy these leaders as well.

Click here to send your online messages now.


Use our template letter and tailor it to fit your voice and concerns. The letter can be mailed to all the members of the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee, and a list of addresses is available HERE.